"The art of healing is to bring the soul into contact with the body and bring alive the purpose for which that soul is living." - Robert Fulford DO
Testimonials Harry D. Friedman DO, FAAO
Here are what some of our clients are saying about their experience with Dr. Friedman. Please share some of your own success stories with us.

I have been seeing Dr.Friedman for the last two years and have felt better than I ever have before. His approach to medicine is refreshing and effective in all aspects. I suffered from migraines my whole life and with Dr.Friedmans help have managed to eliminate them entirely. He is my go to doctor for every ache, pain or obscure question. I respect him as a physician and consider him a friend.

Kelly G., San Jose, CA

I have had back pain since I was about 18 yrs. old off and on and I am now 44 yrs. old. Two years ago I had to go on a medical leave due to the back pain - treatment was meds, physical therapy and rest. Since then I have still had the back pain where it has effected every area of my life. I decided to go and see Dr. Friedman and within a few treatments my back already feels much better and I'm not on meds! I even referred my daughter for her back pain and she is doing much better as well. I love the fact that I feel like I can have a normal life again. Thanks so much!

Stephanie S., Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Friedman blends his refined medical background with a keen sense of intuition to achieve dramatic results and release of problems quickly. I began to see Dr. friedman for a shoulder and back injury. I received relief the very day of the first treatment. I have a great deal more energy and enthusiasm for the work I do after several sessions of treatment. Having Dr. Friedman as my doctor gives me a sense of security knowing that I have a knowledgeable professional who cares.

Catherine A., Ph.D., Los Altos, CA

After three years of constant, and seemingly untreatable facial pain that severely impacted my day-to-day life, I was fortunate to find Dr. Friedman. After a series of his amazingly painless and gently treatments, the pain is now gone. He has also treated me for back, shoulder and neck pain with comparable results. Instead of suffering every day, I now live a full and active life. I highly recommend Dr. Friedman.

Lynda F., Saratoga, CA

I had been confronting a host of medical issues for over a year, that had been accumulating since I was 13. I am 57 now and was referred to Harry Friedman by my psychologist, whom I had consulted as to what I should do next to help myself best? Dr. Friedman found and corrected three major medical problems for me. I have not had the clarity of mind, the freedom of breath and the overall connected feeling with my body, from my very first visit, in over 40 years! My deepest thanks to you Harry!

Larry M., Cupertino, CA

I came to Dr. Friedman barely able to move walk or sit. I had been going to a chiropractor for almost a year with no end in sight to my pain nor my mobility improving. I had a horse jump on me from 15 feet away and smashed me into a muddy creek bed. My whiplash from years earlier was horrible. My back, neck, legs and now head were all affected. I was lucky to be alive. I was in serious pain. It took another horse person who had seen (Harry) to hand me his card and say "GO SEE HIM, YOU'LL THANK ME LATER". Dr. Friedman said "I am going to have to take you apart to put you back together again". Which didn't sound good me but if other horse people LOVED him I was game to give him a try. Well, he started me on a road of healing that impacted me almost immediately! Oh we had a ways to go but Harry's gift is that he sees you as the person you are and works to help that be the norm. He even straightened my nose which my brother! from childhood knocked sideways. What hasn't Harry helped make right with all of the injuries I inflicted upon myself in one form or another. To say that I am in far less pain and happily walking, sitting, standing and horseback riding again is a miracle to me. I tell everyone about Harry we spent many a one hour session together. If I lived closer, I would be going to see him weekly. He is the best gift you can give yourself, Yes I would recommend him to anyone and do. I love you Doc, you're the best in my book but then you know that.

Marjie A., Oroville, CA

My massage therapist sent me to see Dr. Friedman because the muscles of my lower back were so tight and stiff. These were painfully stiff and caused pain when I sat or tried to lift my leg to get out of a sitting position. I also had stiff, sore shoulders; stiff, sore neck and headaches that would start in the night. I noticed very positive results immediately after the first treatment. Each treatment brought more improvement. The pain and soreness was almost not noticible. When I did get headaches, they were very mild. I could sleep through the night without waking up because a body part was causing me pain. My posture greatly improved. I have improved sense of well-being. I am able to breathe more deeply. This therapy is very beneficial and gentle. It is wonderful to not have to be in pain--and without drugs of any kind! Thank you Dr. Friedman!

Sandy H., San Jose, CA

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