"The art of healing is to bring the soul into contact with the body and bring alive the purpose for which that soul is living." - Robert Fulford DO
Practice The Core Clinic Health Lifestyles Program

Health and vitality are perhaps the greatest single assets contributing to our accumulation of wealth and to our sense of self-worth. Without them, no amount of personal success or financial gain can be meaningful because we haven’t the resources to relate to them as expressions of our passion to live a life worth living.

Health is often misconstrued as “the absence of disease or pain”. Our culture and our media promote health as a commodity that can be manipulated with drugs and products that make us look and feel better, all in an effort to avoid being, or appearing to be, sick… Our current medical system is not at all concerned with health, only in the avoidance or removal of disease and pain. Lets face it, understanding the real causes of illness would put a lot of medical professionals and pharmaceuticals out of business!

So, what is health then? Well, it starts with how you feel in your body; alive or dead… When we feel really good in our bodies we become more active and feel positive about ourselves, and others. Health and vitality are a direct result of this aliveness, we become synchronized with our natural biologic rhythms, which have chemical and hormonal implications that promote health! This internal resonance allows us to be uniquely present with ourselves and in our interaction with others so that we are effortlessly productive and feeling prosperous all the time!

It just so happens that our bodies are designed to feel really good, to support us being healthy and productive all the time. So why don’t we feel this way more? Why do we feel disconnected, unproductive and unhealthy? The answer to that is that somewhere along the way we have lost the connection with the core design of our body and with our self… Through trauma, sickness, and general battering of our ego, we have covered our healthy essence under layers of personal history and circumstances. Growing old just seems to reinforce old behavior patterns that seem to dictate how we feel, think and act.

The key to health and vitality then is to uncover and resolve the underlying traumas, diseases and psychological wounds that have disturbed our ability to feel healthy and alive, to be more productive and really feel the prosperity that is our birthright! The way we move, eat, talk and even feel are deeply “programmed” responses that are the result of our personal history and circumstances which create a disconnected relationship to our core self and our true healthy essence… Advertisers know this and use this to sell us things we don’t really need and which actually serve to reinforce the unhealthy behaviors that consume our vitality.

Core Health lives inside us all, we never really lose it because it cannot be destroyed. It is an essential aspect of our being, intermingled with love and authenticity. To connect deeply with our body’s optimal physiology and function at the highest level possible we must also rid our bodies of unwanted and unhealthy toxins, consume nutrient dense foods, take supplements to optimize physiology and become active in dynamic functional exercise that is fun!

The health lifestyles program offers a unique environment to reconnect with your body and your self. We offer eastern and western medical approaches to help assess patterns of disturbed physiology that are the underlying causes of poor health and pain. We also incorporate therapeutic massage, exercise and nutrition into a Core Health program that is individualized to each patient.

The Core Clinic

Osteopathy explores the relationships between different parts of the body and how they work together to support proper posture, motion and balance. Optimal blood flow to and from all the organs of the body requires balanced (untraumatized) neural outflow, healthy connective tissue, and a relaxed breathing mechanism. Proper fluid function of the central nervous system imparts vitality, on contact, to every tissue in the body. Osteopaths can palpate disturbances in this fluid system and correct them with gentle manipulations to the head and spine.

Oriental Medicine incorporates powerful, ancient healing practices to assess and treat the underlying causes of disease, focusing on subtle signs of stress to harmonize neural imbalances and optimize energy flow to and from every organ in the body. Massage, needling and herbs are combined to promote optimal health responses.

When we feel healthy and alive in our body and mind, we are naturally productive, creatively interacting with ourselves and with others. Prosperity follows from the law of attraction that comes when vitality is unleashed and Core Health is reclaimed!

Author: Harry D. Friedman, DO, FAAO