"The art of healing is to bring the soul into contact with the body and bring alive the purpose for which that soul is living." - Robert Fulford DO
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Osteopathic Approach Author: Harry D. Friedman, DO, FAAO

Osteopathic medicine has always stressed the interrelationship of the body’s multisystem functions as well as the inseparable unity of the whole person. Having its roots in the late 19th century, its founder A.T. Still M.D. inspired a medical reformation that combined medical knowledge with a holistic approach stimulating the body’s inherent capacity for health and healing. In this modern era, we are witnessing a return to the practice of medicine as an art; integrating natural and technological approaches, scientific and intuitive thinking, structural and functional therapeutics, and patient and disease focused care. (click to read the entire article)

Osteopathy, Health & Self-Care: Vital Potency Lies in Our Fluid Body & Its 'Tidal' Function Author: Harry D. Friedman, DO, FAAO

Within our body lies a living marine aquarium, strikingly similar in composition to the earth’s oceans. Like the ocean, our “tidal” body has a rhythmic to and fro motion, bathing all our tissues in health and vitality. This living matrix of fluid potency carries the blueprint of life!

Conception occurs in a sea of (embryonic) fluid, fluid with the potency and intelligence to orchestrate the developmental forces of life. In utero, this ‘inner ocean’ becomes enclosed by our brain and central nervous system, establishing a fluid midline matrix that functions as an intelligent, vital force for the remainder of our lives. Its tidal ebb and flow connects us to the dynamic frequency and resonance of our most natural and essential (fluid) biorhythm, transferring its intelligence and vitality, on contact, to every tissue in our body. (click to read the entire article)

Experiencing Osteopathy Through Continuum Movement Author: Bonnie Gintis, D.O.

As an Osteopathic student with an intense desire to develop my diagnostic and treatment skills, I often found myself wondering why I was working so hard to learn how to feel what was happening in someone else’s body when my own body was in many ways much more accessible. I found myself as the “patient” lying on the table in Osteopathic Principles and Practice class learning more by sensing my own mechanism...(click to read the entire article)

An interview with Harry D. Freidman DO, FAAO

Dr Friedman, do you like rebels? No, generally I don’t like rebels, they are usually self-centered and often destructive. On the other hand, I am somewhat of a rebel myself…. I value a principled, thoughtful approach and believe that quality teaching requires a clear and pure intention, as free from hidden and political agendas as is possible. I don’t stand for situations where deceit and manipulation are afoot…(click to read the entire article)